Saturday, September 10, 2016

BloomSky Weather and Time Lapse Video

Daily Time Lapses of the Canvas of the Sky + Weather.

Bloomsky is a Sky Cam / Weather Station that can be powered by the Sun.   It takes 170-degree spherical pictures of the sky every 3-5 minutes and can be angled so that the image faces to the horizon or the zenith. My favorite Cam so far is one located in Wailea, Hawaii.. The owner got the right idea to place the cam on the beach... the perfect place to capture beautiful sunsets and beach, and trees.. and of course, the SKY!

By comparison to other World Cam software or EarthCam or HDonTap, it's pretty simple to setup, and free to stream.  Granted the video is just a time lapse collection of all the photos taken during the day... But it's still a pretty nifty way of seeing other parts of the world (nearly) live.

Get the Word Out

For now, it seems that it is not possible to share to a link or to embed one of these time lapses, But fortunately, they can be shared to other places and then embedded from there.  I shared to my Google Photos and then copied the link and embedded that link here.    It also does not yet appear that there is a limit to how many Bloomsky locations that you can follow in the App.  I've got 20, still haven't hit the limit.

You may want to consider how many notifications that you want to get from all the cameras that you follow.  Because the more that you follow, the more notices that you will get.  

So, yeah, sharing aint so easy, but you can still get the word out.  Check the Kickstarter site for more information.  You don't have to buy direct from Kickstarter, as the Bloomsky is available on Amazon for $170 alone, and $215 with the Solar panel.  I'd go with the panel, because charging the batteries every 20 days, ... uh yeah... 

Location, Location, Location

Certainly it is possible to stick a Bloomsky under the eaves in your backyard.  But what if you lived on Cliffs of Dover, or on the beach in Wailea, you'd probably get a much more awesome view.  Of course not all of us can live in these places, but we can send a Bloomsky to one of them.  Maybe your flat or apartment isn't the best place for a Bloomsky, but your grandmother's house is on a hill overlooking the ocean.  I'm sure she won't mind if plant one of these on the ground outside?

I'm in the process of ordering one of these for myself, but since I too live in a small apartment, I don't think anyone would really want to see the limited sky access I have or the boring apartment.  I'd personally much rather see the ocean or a lake or something more majestic than a small patch of sky and the weather at my place.  That's why I have NetAtmo. But soon, I will find a good place to put a BloomSky.

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