Monday, September 12, 2016

Wandering Thoughts: Helix Folding Bike

I think that anyone who has browsed YouTube can say that at some point they got distracted by something random.  I do too, but today (like many days) I found something cool.

I enjoy riding on / in wheeled vehicles.  I also like portability (see Ninebot post).  So to find the Kickstarter project Helix, was pretty cool.

Yeah, there are lots of folding bikes out there. I used to own one (that was also electric; Prodecotech).  But just about every small or folding bike seems to have at least one major problem... Small Wheel Syndrome (I just made that up).

The Helix does not suffer from SWS, rather it has 24-inch wheels and yet still folds into a space that barely greater than the sum of a single wheel.   So why did everyone else fail at making a nice folding bike until now?

I pondered this question as well... Maybe the tech didn't exist, but maybe, just maybe people were asking the wrong questions.  Not, "can we make a smaller folding bike?", But "Can we make a normal bike that folds efficiently without sacrificing too much?"

Yet another Canadian manufacturer makes some cool stuff.  Thanks Canada!

Check out the Helix Folding Bike 

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